The Resonant Journey of Beryl Machoka: A Dynamic and Charismatic Adventist Believer

From the tender embrace of childhood, Beryl Machoka (Nina) found her voice, weaving melodies that stirred hearts from an early age. As a soprano voice lead, she graced the harmonious halls of her home church and various singing groups, leaving an indelible mark with her unparalleled talent.

Fueling her dreams with unwavering fortitude, Beryl embarked on a path to share her soulful songs with the world, establishing herself as a captivating solo artist. Her passion for music knows no bounds, and her creativity knows no limits as she crafts melodies that resonate with the hearts of many.

A true believer in charity and societal development, Beryl’s music becomes a vessel of compassion, igniting hope and leaving a positive impact on those who listen. Her performances extend beyond borders, representing Kenya with grace and finesse in major Diplomatic art events, such as the Awladna Forum for the Arts in conjunction with the esteemed Afro-Chinese festival held annually in Egypt.

In her current musical endeavor, Beryl’s vocal prowess soars as she sings alto and soprano with the prestigious Msanii Music Group. Her agile voice and adroit talents add a captivating dimension to the group’s harmonies, inspiring audiences with each note.


As a staunch Adventist believer, Beryl’s faith is the cornerstone of her artistic journey. With the tenacity of her spirit and the grace of her voice, she stands as a shining example of dexterity, fortitude, and dynamic artistry.

In the symphony of Beryl Aguoso’s life, the melodies of passion, talent, and determination converge, creating a captivating story of a soul devoted to music and its power to uplift, inspire, and touch lives.