A Dextrous Soul: Lydiah Anunda, alias (Scarlet Nyairabu Kang’ina) a Staunch Adventist Championing Societal Development

Introducing Lydiah Anunda, a captivating force hailing from Kenya, and a devoted member of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Her journey has been marked by fortitude, agility, and dynamic talent that has earned her accolades, including the prestigious 2016 Gasua award. As a multifaceted professional, she has mastered the art of being a Journalist, gospel singer, motivational speaker, songwriter, content creator, and entrepreneur, proving her creativity and unusual innate abilities.

Her music has left an indelible mark, with chart-topping hits like ” Ekegokoria ime yao kere,” ” Omosae Omonda,” ” Miguuni pa Yesu,” and ” Omonene Tegerera ” garnering widespread acclaim. These soulful melodies can be savored on YouTube, where her presence is nothing short of mesmerizing.

In 2020, Lydiah Anunda joined the illustrious Msanii Music Group, where she found inspiration from Mr. Joash Nyamongo, the visionary CEO of Msanii Music Group & Msanii Records. The group’s mentorship has further fueled her passion for serving God and uplifting communities. She wholeheartedly embraces WW’s dedication to charity, reaching out to the less privileged, mending broken hearts, and spreading the message of hope through her music.


Her musical journey began at a tender age of 3-4 years, when she found solace in worshiping God through melodies. Over the years, her talent blossomed, leading her to participate in music festivals, train choirs, and serve as a choir director during her educational journey. Her melodious voice found its home in various choirs, including Lambs friends, Echo Singers, Inspiration singers, Forgiven Singers, and Bereans, cementing her distinctness as a vocal virtuoso.

Beyond the world of music, Lydiah is a seasoned professional journalist, using her voice to advocate for the voiceless, particularly championing the rights of women and children. Her altruistic spirit aligns with her hobbies, which include singing, reading, walking, running, gardening, listening to Christian music, traveling, swimming, playing badminton, cooking, organizing community music workshops, nurturing talent, and actively giving back to society.

Ever the versatile talent, Lydiah is open to collaborations in advertising, voiceovers, and songwriting, demonstrating her agility and adaptability in various creative spheres.

In the tapestry of Lydiah Anunda’s life, the threads of passion, talent, charm, and philanthropy are woven together, creating a radiant masterpiece. A staunch Adventist believer, she stands tall as a beacon of fortitude, creativity, and commitment to societal development, inspiring others to embrace their gifts and spread the light of compassion through their own unique journeys.